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2009-08-22 05:23:10 by MemoryCard

God damn it, I suck at WaW.


2009-08-15 05:21:42 by MemoryCard


changing music styles.

2009-08-03 19:39:02 by MemoryCard

Jet Set Radio Future music is pretty great.

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"When I stimulate him orally, I move down with my tongue to his balls

The testicle is an egg, and I am extremely careful not to crack his shell."

So is techno jazz stuff.

I could just list out all the videos that I like but I might as well just link yuh to my youtube page.

When I saw the image below I thought it was nice that a pretty young thing would let that poor homeless guy snuff her panties. how sweet :3

changing music styles.


2009-07-22 22:41:51 by MemoryCard

oh lookie, its looks just like that one giant titty girl from my school.


bawww >:[

2009-07-21 10:54:35 by MemoryCard

I got winded from walking down a hallway today. FUCKING WALKING down a HALLWAY. At that point I realized I've barely gotten out of this damned chair all summer. I need to get out more but whenever I go somewhere nobody is there. The park is completely barren.

Nobody is awake when I'm up. Nobody is outside and nobody is online. Do people really find the need to stay on a sleep schedule during the summer? I doubt THAT many kids my age have jobs. Some old dyke at the park looked at me like a delinquent when I was talking to her. She said "good morning" and I say "Still up" and Then she gave me an :O and asked who was looking after me and shit. Fucking old people. I was probably asking for such a reply for giving that reply actually. Subconcious grubbing for attention? I don't know. I'd hate to think of myself as an attention whore or something but I sometimes realize i'm doing a completely unneccisary action to see somebodies reaction. Which is compleltely useless, hence unneccisary action. Whatever. Anyways, lately I've been thinking about how when I was "depressed" and how I would like to get back to that point. Feeling shitty all the time left me with a lot of time for introspection. I was so much smarter and I could draw a lot better too. Which may either be from me loseing "inspiration or just from me not doing it as much, which I guess could be the same thing if you'd like to spin it that was. God I hate using words like that 'inspiration' such a ... faggy? term. I don't know, I just hate the way it feels when I say it. So cliche and garh. Anyways, my social skills fucking suck. I can't really be myself unless the person I'm talking to is some faceless person on the internet I just met. Usually we have a good conversation and then I get to know them more and I end up looking like a huge faggot or just end up acting diffrently because now I know they are a real person and they know i'm a real person and then it become about not looking like the biggest fucking freakazoid on the planet. Which is another thing, girls. Don't know why they talk to me, with in the first few minutes of talking to them I let out some fucked up thing and then I look like a weirdo and then it gets akward because I totally just let a girl know something wierd about myself. Also from me watching so much faggy lovey dovey anime I think that I may actually be expecting some sort of fucking magical adventure to happen in my life that takes me away from being some kid hidden away in a hole in the way with his mind plugged into the internet. its like two halves of my brain are fighting between what I want and what I realize is true. Like one moment I'll act one way and then the next the other side is like 'dude you're a gigantic faggot' and then it gets all akward and I reccede into whatever I was doing before. I don't really know if this is venting because all its doing is just letting other people know whats going on which is total bullshit because other people don't fucking care and its only you that should even remotley care about your own shit. Which most of the time I usually dont because it makes me feel like a bigger faggot for self-pity. Which is another thing I forgot to mention when I was 'depressed' I could feel no pain, mentally, emotionally, physically. I was so distant and know everything is so much more real and I don't want it to be like that. Fuck feelings anyways I think that theyre useless which was basically my total mindset throughout middleschool. Like fuck having emotions and pain its all useless, which may or may not have come from that one comic JTHM in which the main character leaves at the end to go get rid of his feelings or some shit. I don't know. Also buddism, I think he got it wrong or maybe he was right, I dontt know what I'm talking about anymore. I hardly remember what I typed two lines back, I'm just kind of typing out my trail of thoguht. By the way did you ever read the back of a mountain dew bottle? that shit has 2.5 servings which is why it looks like its not that bad for you on the back, they get away with a lot of shit that way. Anyways back to a previous thread of thought, girls. I don't know why they talk to me at all, i'm a fucking weirdo and its not like i'm any good looking in fact i'm pretty sure that I have next to no muscle. I could flex and there is a shadow but thats probably just the insides of my arm being shifted around. I need muscles, also bigger shoulders because lately if been feeling that my shoulders arent wide enough. its odd. Anyways yeah, this way originaly an update about me not being able to walk without getting winded but somehow I got a rant about something. I don't know I can hardly remember it. The whole thing is basically "bawww". God self-pity, I fucking hate it. I hate feelings I want them to go away. Is this angst or is just the bottle of mountain dew I just chugged? I don't know.

Also, I'm sure that nobody gives a shit and this has no relevance to anybody so this might as well be my fucking diary.

bawww >:[

newgrounds sucks, 4chan sucks, 7chan sucks since it came back up, 99chan is down, and everything else has too little of a user base or just isn't my cup of tea.

Isn't there anything new and cool on the internet? It's so dull nowadays.


yay, summer!

2009-06-07 23:51:29 by MemoryCard


Looks like its 12-4pm for 3 weeks, they neglected to say that you could pick your times.

I finished half of the summer school work on my second day, you can skip ahead and can leave whenever you want. Pretty Sweet.

Finals Today
Hope I pass, if I don't I will be the first person so far. :<

And really? A three day ban for saying faggot? If you're going to enforce the rules like an anal jackass you might as well just deleted the whole bbs because all it is is hateful comments and spam.

Why do I bother to come back to this stupid website?
Passed the semester, starting my 2nd tomorrow.

yay, summer!


2009-05-12 23:10:07 by MemoryCard



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2009-03-20 09:01:43 by MemoryCard

my screen name is ironic because I forget stuff like a motherfucker.

And I guess mother fuckers forget stuff alot... odd phrase isn't it?