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2013-03-11 09:39:07 by MemoryCard

okay, soul shattering faith killing. Nothing new.
Dear Abba Father, Please do not have anything bad with weed on me. If it was your intention for me to quit weed my confusion at the phantom voices has surely caused me to stumble. I just cant tell who they are. If we could talk about why this is happening it would be great. Also if I could get the gate/key-Christ talk this month, it would be grand. Father I am trying my best to understand, but my ego/sin does get in the way as you know. I pray that you mold me into shape soon so that I may be in the kingdom ever sooner. I am also sorry if wishing for death/heaven is bad and I repent for all the fortune tellings and mediums I have received in order to become closer to you. I know it is not the right way but they were so effective when they let me speak with you. I am trying to stop that. i dont know if opening the third eye is without sin but If we could keep that level of devotion/communication i had after the break, when you started talking to me with jesus, I would me most gracious.



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